During these unusual times, it’s more important than ever that we are SAFE, CONNECTED, and physically ACTIVE. Move United is committed to helping you do that. Check out the list below for how you can join in our virtual community:

  1. Check out the calendar below to join in one of our hundreds of free live and on-demand #AdaptAtHome exercise and fitness classes.
  2. If you or someone you know needs equipment to exercise at home, request a FREE #AdaptAtHome Athlete Fitness Kit.
  3. Check out our #AdaptAtHome Fitness Kit page for equipment demonstrations, workout challenges, special announcements and more.
  4. Follow us on social media and check out the #AdaptAtHome hashtag for more ways to connect with your Move United community.

A special thank you to ESPN, The Hartford, and Craig H. Neilsen Foundation for their support of the #AdaptAtHome Athlete Fitness Kits.


Featured Events

Upcoming this week

10/26 @ 2:00 PM ET – Achieve Tahoe Hosts: Full Body Workout

10/26 @ 6:00 PM ET – GLASA Hosts: Monday Conditioning 

10/27 @ 6:00 PM ET – Move United Hosts: #AdaptAtHome Fitness Session with Daniel Romanchuk

10/27 @ 12:30 PM ET – GLASA Hosts: Ab Conditioning

10/27 @ 2:00 PM ET – BORP Hosts: Tai Chi with Ralf

10/27 @ 7:00 PM ET – Achieve Tahoe Hosts: Fitness Class: Legs with Camille

10/27 @ 7:00 PM ET – GLASA Hosts: Workout with Alyssa Gialamas

10/27 @ 7:00 PM ET – Dare2tri Hosts: Virtual Functional Strength

10/28 @ 4:00 PM ET – MedStar NRH Hosts: Shoulder Strengthening and Stability

10/28 @ 5:00 PM ET – BORP Hosts: Adaptive Seated Yoga

10/28 @ 5:30 PM ET – GLASA Hosts: Wednesday Conditioning 

10/28 @ 6:00 PM ET – Achieve Tahoe Hosts: Seated Workout Class with Marina

10/28 @ 8:30 PM ET – BORP Hosts: Move to the Beats with JanpiStar

10/29 @ 12:30 PM ET – GLASA Hosts: Ab Conditioning

10/29 @ 2:00 PM ET – BORP Hosts: Mindful Movement

10/29 at 4:30 PM ET – GLASA Hosts: Roller Workout

10/31 @ 2:00 PM ET – BORP Hosts: Rumba with Tina!

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