Move United has launched “Challenge Extended,” a new podcast that focuses on the world of adaptive sports. Challenge Extended will be a great resource for listeners interested and involved in the adaptive sports field. Move United is looking forward to sharing the personal stories of our nation’s top adaptive athletes, training tips from the best coaches and program leaders, and news on latest technology, equipment, and trends in the industry through this platform.

The podcast is an extension of Challenge magazine, the nation’s leading adaptive sports publication. The magazine is published three times a year and available in print by subscription as well as online. In episodes of Challenge Extended, you will delve into the lives of athletes with physical disabilities to hear how they have been able to adapt and achieve, get the 411 on how to begin in or excel at a particular adaptive sport, learn the best techniques in training from coaches and program experts, find out what’s on the cutting edge in terms of technology, equipment, or trends, or catch up on upcoming adaptive sports events and programs.

Challenge Extended debuted in February 2020 and is produced in collaboration with Heroes Media Group. You can check out the podcast page HERE. In the first month alone, listeners will enjoy interviews with Retired Marine Sergeant Kirstie Ennis, Two-Time Paralympian Tyler Carter, Adaptive Snowboarding Coaches Kep Koeppe and Reggie Showers, and Warfighter Cameron Kerr and Explorer Robert Swan, who completed a recent trek to The South Pole. Future podcasts are also scheduled with Paralympians Amanda McGrory, Daniel Romanchuk, Trish Downing, Marco Delarosa, Candace Cable, Anthony Lara, Megan Blunk, Breanna Clark, and more.

The podcast is available on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts- just search for Challenge Extended. Direct links to various platforms are also listed below.


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