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The Program Lifecycle:

Assessing your program to reduce risk and maximize success 

Forty adaptive sport providers spent three days learning, sharing, and getting inspired by others in the DSUSA chapter network, as we celebrated 50 years of providing sports and recreation opportunities to individuals with disabilities across the country. The 2017 conference took attendees through a Program Life Cycle, discussing best practices through all phases — preparation to implementation. The agenda featured hands-on, practical risk assessment and crisis management exercises. The conference was a wonderful opportunity to enjoy camaraderie and learning in a casual environment, with numerous opportunities for professional development and networking. Attendees went home with fresh ideas and new strategies to take their program to the next level.

What our attendees are saying…

Top 5 Highlights
5 A session devoted to developing clear, activity-specific Essential Eligibility Criteria. These guidelines enable objective assessment about who can safely participate, thereby reducing risk and issues associated with case-by-case subjective determinations.

4 Aspiring Paralympian and member of DSUSA’s E-Team, Connor Hogan, shared his story at the BBQ Social. Afterwards, he challenged us to rounds of mini golf and go karts!


3 Exploring the local area during a field work activity to assess venues for use in adaptive sports and recreation. Northeast Passage provided equipment for the activity, which included trying different wheelchairs and bikes on various services to compare how they function. Attendees also practiced measuring slope for accessibility and evaluated an ADA compliant kayak launch.






2 Discovering new insight about volunteer management and expanding the ways we engage volunteers as a valuable resource for capacity building. An interactive panel discussion featured representatives from DSUSA chapters answering a variety of questions from the audience and sharing their personal “lessons learned.”








1 Celebrating 50 years of DSUSA!  Our Executive Director Kirk Bauer was joined by Executive Director of Northeast Passage, Jill Gravink, to kick things off at the Opening Reception. Their remarks reflected on the progress made in the industry over the years, in particular the advances in adaptive sports equipment and the professionalization of adaptive instruction that have made activities safer and more accessible.

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