Disabled Sports USA is seeking experts in the adaptive sport industry to develop and deliver curriculum in our Adapt2Achieve education program.

The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit recommendations of presenters for the 2020 Adapt2Achieve Leadership Conference. Submissions may be made on behalf of an individual and may also be made to nominate oneself. All DSUSA Chapters are encouraged to nominate presenters whom they feel demonstrate a connection to the mission and core values of DSUSA.

Deadline to Submit: December 20, 2019

1. Program Description
Adapt2Achieve is a program of DSUSA that promotes professionalization of the adaptive sport industry through education and training. Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing is the cornerstone of Adapt2Achieve events. Disabled Sports USA and our sponsors provide the Adapt2Achieve Leadership Conference free of charge to most attendees as a way to elevate the adaptive sports industry. 2020 will mark the 11th year that DSUSA has offered Adapt2Achieve programs and services to help adaptive sport providers share best practices, experiences, and expertise. The theme will focus on outdoor sports and recreation for people with disabilities, in particular disabled veterans.

The two-day conference planned for 2020 will bring together 150 adaptive sports providers from around the country. Many attendees are affiliated with DSUSA chapters and include Executive Directors, Board Members, and other program leaders. The audience is also comprised of representatives from VA Medical Centers and other community-based sport and recreation organizations. Students and others wishing to explore the field and network are welcome! The atmosphere is one of camaraderie and learning in a casual environment, with numerous opportunities for professional development and networking. The conference will feature industry innovators from universities and leading organizations to look at how the adaptive sports industry intersects with medical interventions, as well as the latest risk management recommendations, particularly as they relate to improving services for disabled veterans.

2. Requirements & Objectives
The target audience is nonprofit executive-level professionals and emerging leaders (employees and volunteers), as well as VA staff (RTs, PTs, OTs) who incorporate adaptive sport into their services.

We encourage people with varying levels of expertise and experience to present at the conference. You may not consider yourself a “subject matter expert” on a given topic, but if you have experience to share about implementing something new or solving a problem in your program, our audience will get great value out of hearing your lessons learned!

Conference sessions should strive to:

  • Engage the audience with small group activities, involve in discussions, and encourage sharing & questions
  • Appeal to different learning styles
  • Highlight innovative, groundbreaking developments
  • Promote evidenced-based practices
  • Incorporate anecdotes to reference actual experiences in the field
  • Collaborate with co-presenter(s) where it would be beneficial to add value to the session
  • Include an experiential component if appropriate

Conference topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Use of technology in rehabilitation through adaptive sports
  • Developing Technology: research & prototypes
  • Mobility in wilderness and back country environments
  • Universal design & accessibility in parks and other outdoor spaces
  • Wilderness first aid and response
  • Screening & Assessment for Adaptive Sports; establishing minimum eligibility requirements
  • Best practices for managing equipment – maintenance, modifications, & loan program models
  • Practical risk assessment
  • Shared use of public and/or private property to expand opportunities for recreation & physical activity for people with disabilities
  • Other wilderness adaptive sports industry topics

3. Compensation for Presenters
Compensation and travel reimbursement will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Sessions may not be used as a platform to promote commercial products or services.

4. Selection
Disabled Sports USA will evaluate the submissions and select top presenters for further review, considering the following:
1. Presenter has connection to the mission and core values of DSUSA.
2. Reputation and experience of the presenter.
3. Quality of performance and services as an adaptive sports provider, public speaker, and/or educator.
4. Capability of the presenter to perform the services within the specified budget and time constraints.
5. Expertise is suitable to address the session topic.

Professional/Volunteer Work Experience, Education, Professional Certifications, personal/professional awards/commendations received, past public speaking/teaching experience.
Please include topic, learning objectives, format/method (classroom, lecture, discussion, etc.), requirements (capacity, venue, equipment, etc.), and ways you will engage the audience (group work activities, pre-event assignment, case studies, etc.)