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Move United is seeking experts in the adaptive sport industry to develop and deliver curriculum at the Move United Education Conference.

Deadline to Submit: January 15, 2021

The Move United Education Conference is a unique opportunity that aims to enable sport providers with the education, awareness, and skills to serve individuals with disabilities in both recreational and competitive sport opportunities. Due to the success of the 2020 Virtual Move United Conference, reaching over 1,800 people from over 900 unique organizations, we are excited to offer our attendees a hybrid conference model this year. From May 10-12, 2021 we will be hosting several small group, skills-based workshops, in Colorado Springs, CO and from June 1-3, 2021, we will be hosting sessions focused on education and awareness around how sport providers can collaborate to be champions for athletes with disabilities in their communities.

The target audience is professionals and emerging leaders in the in the sport and recreation industry who serve, or are looking to serve, individuals with disabilities in their programs. Historically, attendees have represented a variety of affiliations including Move United member organizations, general sport organizations, city parks & recreation departments, non-governing bodies, VA hospital staff, general hospital therapists, disability resource groups, and more.

Please complete the Presenter RFP after reading the descriptions below:

May 10-12 in Colorado Springs

  • Skills-Based Workshops (targeted training needed to gain the knowledge and abilities necessary to fulfill the specific requirements of particular sport/recreational programming)
  • Presenter/Facilitator must be willing to travel to Colorado Springs. In the event, that the conference pivots to a fully virtual format, we ask that presenters & facilitators also have a contingency plan present virtually (as much as possible) if need be.
  • Due to limited workshop capacities, attendees may need to fulfill certain skill pre-requisites
  • Examples: 3-day adaptive kayaking skills workshop, 1-day  wheelchair football coaches and referees training, 2-day adaptive climbing instructor training

June 1-3 online

  • Education & Awareness Sessions
  • Presenter(s) will present online
  • Sessions must align with one of following session tracks
    • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – Recognizing that there are inequities within the Disability community, this track will focus on what it means to provide equitable access to all, the importance of this concept as well as emphasis on existing gaps, and how to progress towards a more inclusive community.
    • Inclusive Sport Fundamentals – Understanding that both inclusive and adaptive sports provide equally important opportunities for athlete with disabilities, this track will focus on how to enable and empower community programs become more inclusive, as well as to provide adaptive sports programs with the tools and resources to be leaders and resources for their community programs.
    • Adaptive Sport Fundamentals – Understanding that both inclusive and adaptive sports provide equally important opportunities for athletes with disabilities, this track will focus on providing education around sport and technology specifically designed for athletes with disabilities, the value of this space, and how community programs can collaborate with adaptive sport programs
  • Within each track, various session will be offered to accommodate different audiences (i.e. general sport provider new to working with individuals with disabilities, inclusive sport provider, adaptive sport provider – for more details on what these terms mean, please refer to the conference home page)

Please refer to the Presenter FAQ’s at the bottom of the page for additional information.


Presenter FAQ’s:

What are the objectives of the sessions?
What are the objectives of the workshop?
Can you share some examples of session topics?
Can you please help me understand the difference between adaptive and inclusive sport?
Will presenters be compensated?
How will Move United be selecting presenters?