Staff Sergeant Michael Kacer, U.S. Army National Guard, RET

Michael Kacer was wounded in Afghanistan in June 2008 when his team came under fire and the building he was in was impacted by five rocket blasts. The blasts collapsed both of his lungs, shattered three ribs, and severed his wrist, while severely damaging his arm and the left side of his face. Waking up four days later in Walter Reed Army Medical Center, he then began the twenty month rehabilitation process. “While at Walter Reed, sports was introduced to me to not only help me integrate with people and build confidence, but to fill my life with a huge piece of normalcy.” said Michael. He started participating in a variety of activities including snowboarding, surfing, and running. “There has been nothing but a positive outcome from my involvement in sports and Move United Warfighters. When I’m running I feel the most free,” he said. For his service, Michael was awarded a Bronze Star, Purple Heart, three Army Achievement Medals, Army Certificate of Appreciation and a Navy Marine Achievement Medal.