Hosted at The Hartford Ski Spectacular
Breckenridge, CO December 9-13, 2019

The PSIA-AASI National Adaptive Academy is open to ski and snowboard instructors and instructor trainees. Examiners and clinicians certified by the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) and American Association of Snowboard Instructors (AASI) presented the latest in adapted ski and snowboard teaching methods. Programs are offered for all disciplines and levels. Questions?

2019 National Adaptive Academy Schedule

Clinic Reminders

Click the link to download a PDF. If the clinic name does not have a link, a PDF is not available at this time.

Date Session Clinic Name
12/9/2019 PPM Seating Assessment for Sit Skiers: Key Concepts for Adaptive Instructors
12/10/2019 AAM Microsoft Soundscape: Enabling New Opportunities in Outdoor Recreation
(Soundscape Pilot Event Proposal)
12/10/2019 AM First Tracks
12/10/2019 AM Develop Your Skiing Skills
12/10/2019 AM/PM Tactical Tethering of Fixed Rigger Biskis
12/10/2019 AM/PM Fundamental Relationships: Application of the Alpine Fundamentals
12/10/2019 AM/PM Lesson Success for Guests with Learning Disabilities and Behavior Challenges
12/10-13/2019 AM/PM 4 Day Workshop – TetraSki
12/10-13/2019 AM/PM 4 Day Workshop – Biski: Assess, Equip, Teach, Tether
12/10-11/2019 AM/PM 2 Day Workshop – Monoski: Assess, Equip, Teach, Assist
12/10-11/2019 AM/PM 2 Day Workshop – Biski: Assess, Equip, Teach, Assist from a Snowboard
12/10-11/2019 AM/PM 2 Day Workshop – Teaching and Guiding Skiers with Blindness or Low Vision
12/10/2019 PM Movement Analysis: A Base for Skill Development
12/10/2019 PM High Performance Alpine Skiing
12/10/2019 PM Age of Discovery: Exploration of Teaching Aging Bodies and Brains
12/10/2019 PPM Mind Body Solutions


12/11/2019 AAM Morning Yoga
12/11/2019 AM Physical Assessment and Adaptive Equipment Selection for Stand-up Skiers
12/11/2019 AM Replacing Tethers with Teaching: Sit-down Skiing
12/11/2019 AM Movement Analysis: On-snow Application
12/11/2019 AM/PM Teaching Monoski Basics
12/11/2019 AM/PM Slider as a Starter Tool
12/11/2019 AM/PM Trainer’s Treasure Trove
12/11/2019 AM/PM Reaching and Teaching Guests with Brain Injury and PTSD
12/11/2019 PM Replacing Tethers with Teaching: Stand-up Skiing
12/11/2019 PM Fundamental Relationships: Outriggers
12/11/2019 PM Providing Successful Learning Experiences for Your Guests
12/11/2019 PPM Resort and Program Relationships


12/12/2019 AAM TrueSport Resources for Healthy Performance
12/12/2019 AM Seating for Sit-skiers: Key Concepts and Practical Skills for Adaptive Instructors
12/12/2019 AM Three-Track Skiing Freedom
12/12/2019 AM Movement Analysis Made Easy
12/12/2019 AM Alpine Fundamentals Applied to Adaptive Disciplines
12/12/2019 AM/PM Prosthetics in Action
12/12/2019 AM/PM Snowboarding Opportunities for People with Physical Diagnoses
12/12-13/2019 AM/PM 2 Day Workshop – Biski: Progressive Biski Teaching and Tethering
12/12-13/2019 AM/PM 2 Day Workshop – Program and School Management
12/12-13/2019 AM/PM 2 Day Workshop – Ski or Snowboard – Understanding the Brain, Body and Behavior
12/12/2019 PM FUNdamentals for Kids: A Kids’ Approach to Skiing
12/12/2019 PM 4-Track Skiing Beyond Basics
12/12/2019 PM Alpine Fundamentals Applied to Adaptive Disciplines
12/12/2019 PPM Introducing the DSUSA Athlete Protection Policy
12/12/2019 PPPM RESNA Meeting


12/13/2019 AAM Safety Culture – What’s Yours?
12/13/2019 AM Nordic Skiing Independence for People with Blindness or Low Vision
12/13/2019 AM Fundamentals of Ski Biking
12/13/2019 AM Movement Analysis Made Easy
12/13/2019 AM/PM Introduction to SnowKart and TetraSki
12/13/2019 AM/PM Biskiing: Skill Expansion and Independence using Hand-held Outriggers
12/13/2019 AM/PM Mid-level Monoski Breakthroughs
12/13/2019 PM Easy Entry to Bump Skiing
12/13/2019 PM Ski Bike: A Versatile Tool in Adapted Snowsports
12/13/2019 PM Contemporary Nordic Sit-down Skiing
12/13/2019 PPM Working with Mountain Management
12/13/2019 PPPM Fundamental Relationships: Outriggers