Move United has undertaken a national Sport Protection Policy to promote an environment free of misconduct and abuse. To this end, member organizations of Move United are required to adopt a written Sport Protection Policy that meets the minimum standards of Move United. That policy must be publicly available to the member organization’s community.

Each Member’s Sport Protection Policy shall govern those individuals who fall under the responsibility of the local member organization. Member Organizations may include additional and/or different policies that relate to their specific organization, but such policies may be no less restrictive than those presented by Move United, or as otherwise required by law.

Required policies but is not limited to:

Training and Education requirements for covered individuals on the topics of abuse and misconduct (i.e. key volunteers, staff and contractors who have authority and/or frequent contact with minors)
Background Screening Processes (i.e. Applicant Screening, Criminal Background Check Policy)
Sport Protection Policy, defining and addressing prohibited conduct
Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies addressing relevant topics such as: Supervision of Athletes and Participants, Physical Contact,Electronic and Social Media Communications, Locker Rooms and Changing Areas, Travel
Chapter Response to Abuse, Misconduct and/or Policy Violations (i.e. Reporting Policy, Disciplinary Rules and Procedures that includes reporting of actions to DSUSA)
Policy Monitoring Strategy
A written copy of the Chapter’s Sport Protection Policy must be publicly available through normal means to your community (Wherever chapter posts program information: web site, in-take forms, public posting boards, etc.)

Move United has developed policy templates for members just entering the process and who need help getting started.

Members with existing policies can check them against the listed requirements above. If they meet the minimum standard, please submit a written copy to Move United for review.

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