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Adaptive Clubs and Teeing Devices

Achievable Concepts Backtee, Adaptive Glove
Adapta Club Specialized Club for Seated or Standing Golfers
EZeeGolf Club Company Power Assisted No Swing Golf Club
EZ Tee Tee, Ball Setter
Golf Country Adaptive Clubs
PCG Adaptive Equipment and Instruction
Nickle Putter Pick up Putter
PING Custom Club Fitting Process
Toss Tee Teeing Device
Upright Golf Teeing Device

Adaptive Gloves and Grip Aids

Eagle Claw Gripping device
Grip Mate Gripping device
Grip Wrap Gripping strap
Power Glove Golf glove with loop to secure club grip to glove
Quantum Grip Gripping aide utilizing hook and loop technology
Troppman Grip Prosthetic arm attachment
TRS Prosthetics Arm amputee grip

Specialty Devices

Formed Golf Training Grip Aid to memory of correct golf grip
GoodWiz Nets, Dispensers, Mats
Greeper Laces Canada Adaptive tri-lock laces
Scramble Stick Device for picking up golf ball
UPRIGHT Golf's Golf Stick Device for picking up golf ball, repairing ball marks
Walk'n'Chair All-terrain combination rolling walker, wheelchair and transport chair
ZeroBend Golf Teeing Up, Ball Pickup and Divot mark repair devices