beth_foxEarly in life Beth recognized her desire to dedicate herself to the service of others.  She started in physical education and classroom instruction of children with special needs in public education.  With the opportunities club and collegiate port had provided her she decided to blend the best practice in education and sports and turned professionally to the area of specialized recreation.

Through DSUSA, PSIA, and the National Sport Center for the Disabled Beth has traveled the United State and world helping ski and sport communities and professional governing bodies recognize and understand the value of adapted ski programs. She has created and implemented education and training programs for many ski schools.

Beth naturally sought education through the National Handicapped Sports and Recreation Association (NHSRA).  NHSRA, now DSUSA, expanded and Beth joined the staff as an advanced educator and examiner, continuing through the years when the responsibilities of ski instructor certification moved to the regional divisions of the Professional Ski Instructors of America. Beth continues to help sculpt the education product and certification process in the Rocky Mountain Division and nationally for PSIA.

Beth has been heavily involved in PSIA as a board and committee member at the divisional level as well as an examiner. She also served as the National Adaptive Committee chairperson and is currently the adaptive representative to the National Education Advisory Council.

Working directly with participants and teachers remains a passion of Beth’ and she works to positively impact peoples’ lives through education and teaching that focuses on the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive goal of those involved.