bob_harneyRobert Harney, M.D., “Dr. Bob”, a Boston based orthopedic / sports medicine surgeon entered the world of adaptive sports in the late 1980’s.  He was a founding father of what is now known as New England Disabled Sports located at Loon Mountain, NH. He served as an instructor as well as President of the Board of Directors for 19 years. It was through his six year effort that a site was found for the new two story facility where the program is presently housed. The building has been named The Dr. Bob Harney Adaptive Sports Center in his memory.

Over the past 2S years he was a tireless leader and innovator in Paralympic sports at the local, national and intemational levels.

Dr. Harvey was instrumental in redesigning and implementing the medical classification system for U.S. adaptive skiing. He then created a classification seminar to teach these testing skills to new alpine classifiers.  The classification system ensures fair competition among adaptive skiers.

In 1997 he became an international classifier for both the USOC and IOC in the fields of alpine skiing and cycling. Dr. Bob worked as a classifier at the last nine Paralympic Games, including Nagano, Japan; Sydney, Australia; Salt Lake City, Utah; Athens, Greece; Torino, Italy; Beijing China; and Vancouver, Canada.

It was always his belief that every athlete has potential, that sport as a medicine could help heal the body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Bob Harney was inducted into the National Disabled Ski Hall of Fame in 2011.