frank_changFrank Chang, M.D. came to The Children’s Hospital Department of Orthopedics in 1981. Currently, he is the Director of Children’s Department of Orthopedics and Medical Director of the Center for Gait and Movement Analysis. He has always had a “soft spot in his heart” for children.

Not long after he came to Children’s, he became aware of the HSP (aka Handicapped Sports Program) and wanted to become involved. In 1984, Frank and his wife, Nancy, became full time volunteer instructors with TCH HSP and NSCD. Since that time, he has been a strong advocate for, supporter of, and volunteer with TCH HSP & NSCD.

Frank is constantly recruiting skier participants. Parents are reassured and willing to let their child participate because they know he is involved. The kids love him and enjoy teasing him and expect to receive vitamins (aka candy) to help get them through the day.  They anxiously wait to see what ink stamped or colored sunscreen he brings to decorate their face or extremities.

He has assumed the role as Medical Director for HSP and has become well known to the staff in the Ski Patrol at Winter Park. Not only does he attend to the children from HSP but is often sought after by the Ski Patrol whenever they have questions or concerns. He is an invaluable resource to HSP, NSCD, and WP Ski Patrol.

Frank is also an enthusiastic photographer. He started out taking still photos of the HSP children skiing and has moved on to high tech videography. Kids love being interviewed by Frank and are eager to show off their skiing skills when he approaches them with the camera.

So, if you ever see someone wearing a multicolored hat with a pinwheel on top, you’ll know it’s Frank sometimes it is hard to tell the kids from the “doc.”