greg_manninoGreg Mannino was named to the Alpine Team for the 1986 World Championships in Salen, Sweden.

After his first international event Greg was one of the top team members in the men’s LW2 category. Greg raced for the USDST for 15 years.

Greg was one of the few disabled alpine racers that pursued the able body FIS Racing circuit. He placed 24th in Slalom at the US Alpine Championships in Winter Park, Colorado.

Greg was a 5 time Paralympic team member, a 3 time World Championship team member, medaling 22 times in Paralympic and World Championship Alpine events.


1986 World Championship team – 4 Bronze Medals

1988 Olympic Team Calgary, Canada – Silver Medal

1988 Paralympic Team -3 Silver medals

1988 Colorado Amateur sports Association Athlete of the Year

1990 World Championship Team – 3 Bronze Medals

1992 Paralympic Team – 2 Gold, 2 Silver Medals

1994 Paralympic Team – 2 Gold, 2 Silver Medals

1995 Inducted to Italian American Sports Hall of Fame

1998 Paralympic Team – 2 Gold, 1 Bronze Medals

2000 World Championship Team

2002 World Paralympic Team