The U.S. Disabled Snow Sports Hall of Fame Award recognizes outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to disabled skiing in two categories: Recreational/Developmental and Competitive.

Recreational/Development Category: Recognizes an individual who has a minimum of five-years of experience in the disabled skiing field and has made a significant contribution to the field, including innovative techniques, specialized equipment, program development, education or public relations.

Competition Category: recognizes an individual (participant or coach), who has been active in international racing for a minimum of three years. Race results, team participation, innovative coaching techniques, and event promotions are considered for this category. Competitive racers and coaches must be retired from active racing or coaching, respectively, for a minimum of three years prior to nomination.

A grant of $1,000 will be awarded to the chapter affiliated with the person who nominated the award winner.

Nomination Deadline: September 6

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