norbert_fischer80Norbert “Bert” Fischer is among the early pioneers and advocates who were fundamental in developing the adaptive skiing industry. During his long career, Fischer has been involved in almost every aspect of skiing, from racing and teaching to ski school.

As ski school director at Mt. Chalet in Ohio, Fischer was involved in teaching people with disabilities to ski in the early 1960s -one of the earliest programs in the country. He began by teaching disabled veterans and later developed the effort into the “Three Trackers of Ohio,” founded in 1980 and recognized as one of the best adaptive ski schools in the country. The organization is staffed entirely by volunteers and is free to students.

Fischer also worked with designers to develop helpful tools, such as the Ski-EZE, a piece of equipment that helps skiers with nerve or muscle damage retain balance and make precise, controlled turns. A former member of the Hungarian Olympic Ski Team, Fischer involved disabled skiers in competition by organizing Ohio’s first disabled ski race, which drew competitors from across the U.S. and Canada.

During his long career, Norbert Fischer has been instrumental in making skiing accessible to people with disabilities, and for this he has earned recognition in the National Disabled Ski Hall of Fame.