Young wheelchair racer competing in track eventThe Move United 2021 Sanctioned Competitions (previously known as the Adaptive Sports USA Series of Sanctioned Events) will include over 20 single and/or multi-sport events throughout the United States. Annually, the competitions collectively serve over 1800 athletes with a physical, visual, and/or intellectual impairment and offer competition in summer Paralympic-style sports. These events, offered through Move United and the Move United member network, serve as qualifiers and/or training opportunities for national competitions including the Move United Junior Nationals, the Adaptive Track and Field USA Adult Open, U.S. Paralympics National Championships/Trials, NGB National Championships, the National Veteran Wheelchair Games, the Valor Games, and the Warrior Games.

Participants benefit greatly from recreational activities, yet many have a competitive edge. The Sanctioned Competitions offer competitive opportunities to athletes along the pipeline from grassroots, amateur level athletes up to elite level athletes competing or aspiring to compete on the world stage. Young athletes through adults, grassroots to competitive, we welcome you as we embark on the 2021 season.  This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of a long-standing event, the Tri-State Wheelchair & Ambulatory Games, and we welcome a new event to the series, the Adaptive Sports New England Track & Swim Meet.

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2021 Competition Dates

Download the Sanctioned Competitions brochure.

Event Location 2021 Tentative Date(s)
Texas Regional Games San Antonio, TX April 15-18
GUMBO North Shreveport, LA April 24
Lone Star Para Invitational Arlington, TX April 24
Russ Harvey Memorial Archery Tournament Tampa Bay, FL May 15
Gateway Games St. Peters, MO May 15-16
Great Lakes Games and Adaptive Track & Field USA Adult Open IL May 21-23
Desert Challenge Games Mesa/Phoenix, AZ May 26-30
Dixie Games Tampa, FL May 28-30
Tri-State Wheelchair & Ambulatory Games 50th Anniversary Hillsdale, NJ May 28-30
Thunder in the Valley Games Saginaw, MI June 3-6
Tri-State Regional Swim Meet sponsored by Children’s Lightning Wheels Piscataway, NJ June 5
5280 Challenge Aurora, CO June 6
Beehive Games Salt Lake County, UT June 8-13
UCO Endeavor Games Edmond, OK June 10-13
Peachtree Paragames Atlanta, GA June 11-13
Turnstone Endeavor Games Fort Wayne, IN June 24-26
Adaptive Sports New England Track & Swim Meet Boston, MA June 26
Move United Junior Nationals Colorado July 17-23
2021 Chicago Para-Archery Championship Chicago, IL Aug 28-29
Angel City Games presented by The Hartford Los Angeles, CA Fall/Winter 2021
Bennett Blazers Invitational Towson, MD TBA


*Dates are subject to change or cancellation due to COVID-19 safety concerns. Alternative virtual opportunities may exist in the event of cancellation.  We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we monitor the pandemic nationally and within our local communities as your safety is the number one priority. Please check Move United’s website or social media channels for updates throughout the competition season.

Junior Nationals

Move United’s signature summer event is Junior Nationals, a Sanctioned Competition. Junior Nationals is the largest, long-standing annual multi-sport event in the United States for youth with a physical, visual, and/or intellectual impairment who are classifiable under the International Paralympic Committee’s classification system. It is a weeklong national sport championship event open to athletes through the age of 22. Sports on the program include archery, paratriathlon, powerlifting, shooting, swimming, and track and field. The event serves as a platform to promote physical activity and independence for youth with a disability. The Move United Junior Nationals operate on a two-year cycle moving around the country. Move United works with a local organizing committee to plan and facilitate this signature event in the same location for two consecutive years.

Information about the 2021 Junior Nationals can be found here. Questions? Contact Jessie Cloy at


2021 Sanctioned Competition Sanctioning Application

If you are interested in hosting a Sanctioned Competition with Move United, please complete the 2021 sanctioning application.


Sanctioning Levels by Sport

Please use the tabs below to navigate the sanctioning level requirements for each sport. You can also download the Move United Sanctioned Competitions Sanctioning Levels by Sport document.

ArcheryPara PowerliftingShootingSwimmingTable TennisTrack & Field
RequirementLevel 1Level 2Level 3
Proper Butts (stands) secured to competition target are requiredXX
Proper Butts (stands) with wind flags required along with start & stop indicators/lightsX
80cm and 122cm target facesXXX
USA Archery certified official(s) requiredXX
Scorers per targetOne (1)Two (2)Two (2)
Proper lane setup with target and lane numbersXX
Proper lane setup with target and lane numbers and lines drawn to USA Archery/Move United specificationsX
Coaching at the shooting line is allowed during competition (Note: coaching from behind the waiting line is always allowed as long as it does not disturb other archers)X
Adults and juniors can set records.X
RequirementsLevel 1Level 2Level 3
A USAPP-approved bench must be utilizedXX
Warm up bench requirementsOptional1 bench2 benches
Weights used may be pounds or kilogramsXX
Weights used must be kilogramsX
Scale may measure in pounds or kilogramsXX
Scale must measure in kilogramsX
Must use visual time display or stopwatchOptionalXX
Eleiko bar must be usedX
RequirementsLevel 1Level 2Level 3
Minimum staff1 - Level 1 coach
1 - Range Safety Officer (RSO)
1 - Event Director
1 - Level 1 coach
1 - Certified Range Safety Officer (RSO)
1 - Event Director
1 - Level 1 coach
1 - Certified Range Safety Officer (RSO)
Manual paper, electronic, or Orion scoringX
Electronic or Orion scoringXX
Equipment meets ISSF, USA Shooting, and Move United standardsXX
Coach certifies scores and equipmentX
Visual timing requiredXX
Follows USA Shooting qualifying and elimination round formatsX
RequirementsLevel 1Level 2Level 3
Minimum 25m/25yd pool required with a diving area of at least 4 feet depthXX
50m pool desired with a diving area of at least 4 feet depth. Pool must be able to be converted to a 25m/yd set up.X
Minimum # of certified USA Swimming/YMCA/High School officials required1 official2 officials4 officials (2 of the 4 officials must be WPS certified)
Hand timing (minimum of 2 timers per lane) or electronic timing is acceptableXX
Electronic timing is requiredX
Starting requirement(s)Whistle or starting hornStarting horn or electronic starterElectronic starter
Lap counters required for events 500yd/m or longerXX
RequirementsLevel 1Level 2Level 3
Table & Net: USATT approved equipment (at least 1 wheelchair accessible)XX
Court: sizes and spacing should meet USATT rules and regulationsIndoorX
Flooring: Wood floor or rubberized mat (recommended)XX
Table Tennis Balls: 40mmAny2-star3-star
Scoring: flip chart (recommended)XX
Barriers between tablesX
Ball retrieval: 1 volunteer per table (recommended)XX
Officials: USATT Tournament DirectorX
Officials: USATT Club UmpireFeatured matchesAll matches
All classified athletes must present a copy of their USATT or ITTF classification card at every match to be eligible for use of service exceptionsXX
RequirementsLevel 1Level 2Level 3
A legal distance and approved track surface 400 meter track must be used.XX
A track survey must be submitted for approval ("Mondo" like surface is highly recommended)X
Track lanes must be a minimum of 42" (unless an exception is given)XX
The event must run a full ATFUSA complement of events for all Para athlete classes. (Exceptions can be made if approved and published in advance.)X
The event may add events not in a traditional track program (ie: powerchair 100m)XXX
All events must be electronically timed (events longer than 1500m may be hand timed)X
Events may be hand timed or electronically timed.XX
Wind gauge must be used for the 20m, 40m, 60m, 100m, 200m, long jump, and triple jumpX
Seated field may be offered on a turf field for junior, open, and/or master athletesXXX
Ambulatory field must be offered in legal concrete circle venuesXX
Ambulatory long jump and triple jump must be contested on a suitable runway with a legal takeoff board (wood or taped)XX
Ambulatory high jump must be run in an approved high jump venueXX
Ambulatory and seated discus and club must be contested in a protective cageXXX
All lead officials on the track and at each field pit must be USATF or WPA certified officialsXX
There must be a minimum of 1 certified field official per pit with a strong suggestion to have 2 or moreXX
There must be a minimum of 5 track officials (referee/finish line, starter, umpires, and wind gauge [if not provided by timing company])XX
The track and field Referee(s) must have WPA certification or be approved by ATFUSA/Move UnitedXX
All officials utilized should be SafeSport certified and in good standing with their certification organization (ie: WPA, USATF, etc)XXX
Weights and measures official(s) is requiredX
Volunteer officials with no certification from USATF/High School/NCAA may be used for either field or track eventsX
Volunteer officials with no certification from USATF/High School/NCAA may be used as 2nds or the third official in a field pitXX
Results may be used as proof of performance to qualify for national level competitions such as Move United Junior Nationals or US Paralympics Track and Field Nationals/TrialsXX
Results for Juniors, Open, and Masters (M35, M50, and M60) age groups may be submitted for national record considerationX