Move United provides opportunities for individuals with disabilities to develop independence, confidence and fitness through community sports, recreation and educational programs.

The Survivor Adaptive Sports Fund is a program of Move United that offers adaptive sports grants to people with permanent physical disabilities who have been victims of gun violence or acts of terrorism. To be eligible to apply, survivors must have a demonstrated severe impact as a result of such event. Survivors have access to:

  • Year round adaptive sports opportunities in over 50 sports available through Move United’s nationwide member organizations network.
  • Grants to assist with participation and expenses associated with individual sport goal. Applicants will be notified if their grant is approved within 14 business days of the application submission. Funds are only distributed once valid receipts and reports have been received by Move United. Sports participation expenses covered include:
    • Event Fees
    • Event transportation and lodging
    • Coaching or instruction fees
    • Membership fees (i.e. gym, yoga, dance, etc.)
    • Adaptive sports equipment

Grant Qualifications:

  • Be a U.S. resident.
  • Have sustained a permanent disability (i.e. spinal cord injury, amputation, vision impairment, traumatic brain injury, nerve/muscle damage that permanently impedes function) as result of gun violence or an act of terrorism. This must be verified by a physician’s note.
  • Have a demonstrated impact by gun violence or act of terrorism. Impact includes damage and/or loss of adaptive sports This will need to be verified via an explanation of burden, news article links, and/or photos.
  • Survivor must participate in qualifying adaptive sporting activity (see application for specific list)

Reporting Grant Requirements:

The following is to be submitted no later than four weeks post-event/program end date:

  • One paragraph summary of program and participation outcomes
  • Photo of participation in activity (preferably while wearing Move United provided apparel)
  • Provide valid expense receipts

Ready to apply? Application cycle opening soon!

Questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

If you need additional information prior to completing your grant application, please contact: BreAnne Podgorski,, (301)217-9842.

The funding for this Survivor Adaptive Sports Fund program is made possible thanks to the following generous supporters:

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